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Hub AGM May 2020

The Hub AGM will be a virtual meeting held on 19th May 2020.

Due to the Covid-19 health restraints around social distancing, it will not be possible to hold the Hub AGM in the normal way this year.

We intend to carry out the essential business of the AGM ‘virtually’, by using videoconferencing on the 19th May 2020. This will mean the public meeting cannot happen and the normal voting process and opportunity to ask questions will clearly not happen either. We have concluded that it is not practical for the public to join this virtual meeting. However, we have put in place a facility for you to ask questions, leave comments and/or vote for retiring Directors remotely.

You are only required to vote on the appointment of directors who have (in this case) all retired and then sought re-election. There is a requirement for one-third of us to do this by rotation each year unless retiring permanently. This year the directors who are both retiring and seeking re-election are shown below.

Agenda Items 8 & 9 Retirement, Nomination and Appointment of Directors

In accordance with article 35 of the Articles, Public Notices are placed stating the intention of the three retiring Directors to seek re-election and, in each case, the nominator has confirmed in writing his or her nomination as follows:

  • Clive Porter, nominated by Maria Stapleton
  • Jean Seers, nominated by Michael Stapleton
  • Jonathan Berks, nominated by Dr Willam Webb

For your information, we have made some minor changes to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company. These have already been registered with Companies House. You are not required to vote on these. Details of the changes can be seen with the other supporting documents at the bottom of this page.

The directors of the Melbourn Hub wish everyone the best of health in these difficult times and look forward to returning to normal business as soon as possible.

John Travis
Chair, Melbourn Community Hub Management Group

AGM documents

1. Below you will find the AGM Agenda and a group of documents normally available to the public in hard copy at the AGM. We asked people to suggest reading all of these documents before using the link below to vote and comment before the meeting.

2. Then you can ask questions or leave comments, and vote for the retiring directors by clicking on this link. – NOW CLOSED FOR COMMENTS

3. We will try to answer all questions raised at the meeting and will publish the questions and answers on this web page afterwards as part of the AGM meeting minutes.

Please note:

1) You can only use the link once! so make sure you have read all the documents first and/or have your questions ready to submit along with your vote

2) You can only use an email or household IP address once so if there is more than one person voting in your household from the same email address we have created a separate box for you to add additional votes and preferences. All persons must be over 18 years of age and a Melbourn resident to vote in the AGM.

  • AGM Agenda
  • Minutes of the previous AGM – April 2019
  • Voting for Directors
  • Amendment to ‘Articles of Association’
  • Statutory Accounts
  • Chair’s report

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